Finaton is not a provider of financial services, but only an independent comparison site. Therefore, we do not answer questions about specific financial products. If you have a question about a specific product, please contact the provider directly. There is always at least one contact in the review. However, if you have any questions about any cooperation or legal issues, please contact us at You can also use Skype. Or contact form is below this page.

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What is the main goal of Finaton?

The main goal of Finaton is to help people around the world to compare financial products in their native languages. It is sometimes too complicated to pick the right product from tens or hundreds of possibilities. The independent online comparison service Finaton makes it much more easier. You can check a wide range of offers online from your home, read other users reviews and pick the best financial product for you.

What are we doing?

Finaton is a global independent website, which uses the best practices and follows what users really need to know about products from the world of finance. The website covers a wide range of complex information about different types of financial products with a focus on local differences. You can find detailed independent reviews of small loans, payday loans, bank loans, mortgages, credit cards, consolidation or other bank products.

Why should you trust us?

We have 10 years experience with financial products comparison in the Czech republic, but also around the world. Finaton contains only reviews and recommendations of trusted products.

Finaton was founded in 2018 in a beautiful city of the Central European Czech republic, Olomouc, and is successfully expanding into many countries around the world. Nowadays runs branches in Finland, Poland. Finaton will launch websites in Portugal, Spain soon and is planning to cover more than 20 countries worldwide till the end of 2020.

Finaton offers a regularly updated list of the best financial products in the worldwide market. We update our data manually but it can sometimes happen that we have not changed some new terms in our reviews. You can get 100% genuine information directly from the providers.

Finaton's visitors can easily find the most important information about each financial product, for example minimum and maximum amounts range, interest rates, duration and how easy and fast the approval process of each company is. They can also find many independent reviews of financial products on the %nation% market, which is useful to make your best decision.

How do we make money?

Our service is 100% free and independent. The sorting of financial products is based on quality and popularity using our unique algorithm. We also provide independent reviews of financial products and collect users reviews. Our service is absolutely free, although Finaton does have some business contracts with certain providers (affiliate). If you click and apply for some product through our website, we get commision from the provider. Your product will be for the same price, there won't be any markups connected to you using Finaton.

History of Finaton

Finaton was created by two entrepreneurs in the Czech republic in 2018. The first one is Ing. Franisek Szabo (chairman of - an internet businessman, who is a well-known person in the Czech marketing environment. He started his first Czech comparator of financial products in 2010 called In 2016-17 he successfully built a series of financial comparator sites around the world on local brand domains. Currently he decided to use his experience to build a single large global project called Finaton. The second person is Marek Machac (CEO of, who takes care of promotions, visibility in search engines and leads the local country managers in running their branches.

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