Southern Finance

Amount 100 - 4700 R
Interest from 38 %
Loan term 7 days - 28 days
Southern Finance


Quick overview

✅ Amount: 100 - 4700 R
✅ Interest from: 38 %
✅ Loan term: 7 days - 28 days
✅ Loan processing time: 30 minutes
✅ Applicant's age: 18 years

If you will get the loan of R100 with the term of 7 days, your totally payment would be R189.36. The fee is R89.36.

Fast information about Southern Finance

Their head office is in Pretoria, but they don’t have any walk-in stores that you can go to. You need to make use of their other platforms (online, phone) for you to apply for a loan. The good thing about this is that it is easy to apply for a loan with Southern Finance.

What has Southern Finance has to offer? They are offering a 7- or 28-day loan. Meaning that you need to repay the loan within 7 or 28 days. You can lend any amount of money up to R4 700. There are no credit checks, you can apply for a loan even if you have a bad credit score. Their interest rate starts at 5%, and just like other payday loans, there is a once-off fee that you need to pay extra as well.

Because this is a payday loan, the application process takes just a couple of minutes. And, the payout is done the moment that your application has been approved.

Loan requirements

Even if this is just a payday lender, there are still some criteria that you need to meet before you can apply for a loan. They don’t do a credit check, but you need to make sure that you can prove affordability. And, the normal age criteria for getting a loan is still at 18 years, as the NCR requires. These are some of the other criteria or requirements that you need to consider before getting a loan.

  • Need to have a bank account that shows a salary of more than R5 000 paid in.
  • A valid South African barcoded ID
  • Proof of residence not older than three months
  • Need to have a permanent job for the last six months.

Southern Finance loan review conclusion

One thing that is visible when you read reviews about Southern Finance, is the fact that there is a huge amount of positive feedback. Reviews and feedback that is showing that this is a payday lender that you can make use of, no matter the amount that you urgently need.

Previous clients are satisfied with the service, the processing time, and the professionalism of the workers that handle the call centers. Another thing that we saw is that most people have gotten an approved loan when applying for a payday loan at Southern Finance.

Southern Finance might just be a payday lender, but they are popular and comes highly recommended. They are offering loans up to R4 700 and a repayment of 28 days or your next payday. Interest isn’t high and they are processing the loans as soon as possible. A great option for a short-term loan.

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Reviewed 10. 05. 2020