Amount 500 - 8000 R
Interest from 27 %
Loan term 30 days - 3 months


Quick overview

✅ Amount: 500 - 8000 R
✅ Interest from: 27 %
✅ Loan term: 30 days - 3 months
✅ Loan processing time: 24 hours
✅ Applicant's age: 18 years

If you will get the loan of R500 with the term of 1 month, your totally payment would be R674. The fee is R174.

What Fasta has to offer

What is making Fasta loans a great option, is that you can choose a repayment of one to three months. Making it more affordable for most people. The interest is a bit high at 27% and there are some additional fees that you need to pay extra as well.

The amount that you can lend can be anything from R500 and R8 000, and as we said before you can repay it in up to 3 months. You can apply for a loan with them, even if you have a bad credit score. You just need to make sure that you can afford the repayment. The processing time of the loan is normally taking up to 24 hours, and the payout will be done soon after the approval.

Loan requirements

Fasta loans is a registered NCR loan service. Therefore, they have some strict criteria that you need to meet for you to qualify for a loan. Even if you can get a loan when you have a bad credit score, there are still some other requirements that you need to consider.

  • You need to be over the age of 18 and under the age of 60
  • Be a South African citizen and have a valid South African ID
  • Needs to have permanent employment and salary of more than R5 000
  • A South African bank account with proof of residence
  • Needs to be able to proof affordability and give permission to credit check
  • You also need to have the internet for you to apply for the loan online.

Fasta loan review conclusion

There are many reviews available on Fasta loans. Most of them are just positive reviews. And, even if there are some negative reviews, this is something that you will find anywhere. Some of the things that you will find are that most clients are happy with the service that they have gotten from Fasta during the application and afterward.

They say that the process is quick, approval is done fast and the money is paid into your account within a couple of hours.

Fasta loans is a payday loan that is offering a payback period of three months. Two months more than most other payday loans. Making it more affordable for most people. And, because the process and payout are done so fast, it is great to make use of this service for emergency funds.

What is your experience with this loan provider?

1000R on my account. THX
Reviewed 10. 05. 2020