Amount 500 - 100000 R
Interest from 10 %
Loan term 30 days - 3 years


Quick overview

✅ Amount: 500 - 100000 R
✅ Interest from: 10 %
✅ Loan term: 30 days - 3 years
✅ Loan processing time: 24 hours
✅ Applicant's age: 18 years

If you will get the loan of R500 with the term of 1 month, your totally payment would be R674. The fee is R174.

Information about Letsatsi

There are a couple of good things about this loan service, but there are also some things that you need to know and consider before you can decide that this is the service that you want to use for you to get some cash immediately. You must be considering all your options before you are making your decision to get a loan from them or not.

Letsatsi is a relatively new loan service, that not many people know about. However, this is one of the best services that will give you cash when you need it most. You can use Letsatsi as a payday loan where you repay them after just one month, or you can use them as a short-term loan. They are situated in Central Pretoria and can be contacted via different platforms. They don’t have a walk-in store for applying for a loan directly, or for getting assistance when needed. But, you can make use of other methods to apply for a loan.

What Letsatsi has to offer

This is what is great about Letsatsi. The loans that they are offering. Not only are their interest rates not high at all, but they are offering different amounts and different repayment periods. Their interest rate starts at 10%. You can lend any amount between R500 and R 100 000.

With the repayment, you can choose to repay them from one month up to 36 months. The only downside to this loan service is that the loan processing time is 24 hours. So, if you are desperately needing the cash, you will need to wait a day or two. Payouts are done right after approval.

Loan requirements

There are some loan requirements that you need to be aware of before you can apply for a loan at Letsatsi. If you don’t meet the criteria and you don’t have all the valid documents, they will not be able to assist and approve your loan for you.

These are the requirements and criteria that you need to meet for you to apply for a loan.

  • Valid South African ID
  • Have a South African bank account
  • Be employed permanently with a basic salary of more than R5 000
  • Have the documents ready for submission: bank statements, proof of salary, and proof of residence.
  • You also need to agree for a Credit check

Letsatsi review conclusion

When you are looking at reviews, it is clear that clients and previous clients are recommending Letsatsi to people that require a loan. The process is fast, easy and payouts are getting done without delays.

For many, the whole process of applying for a loan at Letsatsi is without any stress, and they like the fact that you can repay the loan within one or 36 months. Letsatsi is one of the South African loan services where you can get a loan for up to R100 000.

With low-interest rates, this is one of the best options if you want to get a loan of a higher amount, but doesn’t want to repay too much.

What is your experience with this loan provider?

There were some problems with application, I did not get loan.
Reviewed 10. 05. 2020