Amount 500 - 300000 R
Interest from 10 %
Loan term 12 months - 6 years


Quick overview

✅ Amount: 500 - 300000 R
✅ Interest from: 10 %
✅ Loan term: 12 months - 6 years
✅ Loan processing time: 48 hours
✅ Applicant's age: 18 years

If you will get the loan of R500 with the term of 12 months, your totally payment would be R996. The fee is R496.

What Ubank has to offer

Ubank is situated all over South Africa, but the head office is in Midrand. There are a couple of centers where you can go to for assistance, but it is advisable to get make use of their call center and to visit their website for faster assistance. They can process loans online as well. You can contact them with their contact details; Phone: +27 11 518 5000 and Website: This is a great lender to use, but you need to make sure that you get all the necessary information first.

There are some great things that Ubank has to offer. Things that are making them ideal for applying for a loan. You can lend anything between R500 and R300 000 when you are applying at Ubank. The interest rates start at 10% and can go up depending on your credit score.

The time that you can repay the loan varies from 12 months to 72 months. The time will depend on the amount that you are lending. Unlike most other financial institutions where you can lend money, they are processing the loan in just 24 hours. Ensuring that you are getting the money in no time.

Loan requirements

There are some loan criteria that you need to meet before you can apply for a loan at Ubank. This is because Ubank is registered with the NCR. Every legitimate lender and financial institute need to be registered to the NCR. These are the normal criteria for getting a loan with Ubank.

  • You will need to agree to a credit check
  • Need to be over the age of 18 years old have a permanent employment
  • Your salary needs to be more than R5 000 and you need to have a bank account
  • A South African ID with proof of residence is also essential to have

Is Ubank a scam?

No. UBANK is trustworthy loan provider. Their loans are prefectly legal and fine. You don't need to worry about hidden fees, terms, etc

Ubank review conclusion

When we did research, we found that there are a huge amount of positive reviews about Ubank. People that are recommending this institution for getting a personal loan. Their interest rate isn’t too high and they are making sure that you getting all the information before you are applying for a loan.

One thing that everyone agrees on, is that their service is easy to use, apply to, and get an answer if your application is done in no time.

Ubank is just another bank where you can get a loan from. However, this is known that it is one of the best loan services on the market at the moment. Many are recommending this service. Their interest rate is low, they are offering a 72-month repayment plan and you can lend up to R300 000 if you qualify.

What is your experience with this loan provider?

100000 is on my account. Thak you many times.
Reviewed 10. 05. 2020