How To Check Data Balance On Telkom

Checking your data balance on Telkom can be done in many ways that will only take a few seconds of your time. Whether you want to download a video or a file on your mobile, or sometimes send data to your friends and family but are not sure if you have enough balance to cover the number of megabytes it would consume, the best plausible way would be to check your data balance. Thankfully, Telkom has provided several ways for you to do that.

Telkom is one of South Africa's leading wireline and cellular telecommunications companies, with operations in over 38 countries across the African continent with an estimated 88.6% LTE coverage as of 2020.

Options For Checking Data Balance On Telkom

Listed below are the ways you can choose to check your data balance on Telkom for convenience.

Option 1 - USSD Code

One of the most popular ways of checking your data balance is through the USSD code by directly dialing *188# and pressing send. After a few seconds, your data balance will immediately appear on your mobile phone screen with a Telkom sim loaded on it. But if that is not possible, there are still other options for you to choose from.

Option 2 - SMS

Another way to check your balance is to send a blank message to 188, and in a couple of seconds, your balance will be sent to you via SMS.

Option 3 - Online

If the two listed above don't ring a bell, maybe checking your data balance online is the option for you. To do so, you can go to My Telkom account and enter your login details. However, if you are not registered yet, simply register yourself and provide your personal information, phone number, and bank account details for billing of airtime and data purchases.

Option 4 - Telkom App

Installing the app on your mobile phone is also one of the most convenient ways to keep track of your data, buy airtime and data online, or change your tariff plans, among others. But if you haven’t installed the app yet, simply go to the Google Playstore for Android devices or Apple iOS for iPhones. Next is to enter the necessary details for registration.

Option 5 - IVR

For Voice Interactive Response (IVR), just dial 188 and follow the voice prompt through a series of pre-recorded audio messages which will present you with options related to the services offered by Telkom. To check the data balance, just wait and press the number associated with such an option, and your data balance will be read to you through a voice message which will also be sent through SMS seconds after.


Some options may work better for you, while it’s the other way around for others. Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor when providing a product/service, and Telkom has done an excellent job of giving many options by which consumers can freely choose to check their data balance.