How To Activate Rain SIM Card (step-by-step)

Activating your Rain SIM card is very easy and can be done in only a couple of seconds. As long as you already have the SIM in your hand and are ready to load it on your mobile, you’re good to go to enjoy the first 4G and 5G network in South Africa.

What Is a Rain SIM Card?

The Rain SIM Card is the first 4G and 5G network in South Africa that offers a data-only option. That means no option for SMS and calls. With Rain, you’ve got to enjoy browsing and surfing the net, chatting and posting updates to your social media, or even watching your favorite movie on Netflix. You can do a lot of things as long as you are subscribed to the network.

Activating Rain SIM Card

These are the simple steps you can follow to activate your Rain SIM card. Please note that you will also be required to register for RICA and will need your passport or national ID for verification purposes.

Step 1: Go to and fill out the form.
Step 2: Select "Activate SIM" from the drop-down menu.
Step 3: Make a user account.
Step 4: Select a plan and enter your SIM code
Step 5: Enter your payment information.
Step 6: Fill out the RICA registration form online.

In just six steps, you can now activate your Rain SIM Card and start surfing the net.

Data Packages Included In The SIM

The Rain Data SIM card offers two main packages:

  • Unlimited off-peak data for 19 hours for only R250 a month.
  • Unlimited 4G for only R479 a month on any device.

Here is a more detailed data package included:

  • 19 hours of unlimited off-peak for any device
  • R250 month-to-month
  • 19 hours of unlimited off-peak data every day
  • Off-peak (11pm – 6pm the next day)
  • R50 a gig during the peak (6pm – 11pm)
  • Set your monthly peak gig limit
  • Use on any 4G enabled device

Unlimited 4G for Any Device

  • R479 month-to-month
  • Unlimited data
  • Speeds of up to 10Mbps
  • Basic quality streaming resolution
  • Use in any 4G enabled device – including phones, MiFis, and home routers.

Unlimited Home 5G Standard

  • R699 month-to-month
  • Speeds of up to 30 Mbps
  • HD (720p) video streaming
  • Unlimited home wifi
  • No contracts

Includes free-to-use 5G indoor router

  • Huawei 5G CPE Pro
  • Simple plug and play
  • Optimised exclusively for the rain network

Unlimited Home 5G Premium

  • R999 month-to-month
  • Ultra-fast 5G download speeds
  • Full HD video streaming
  • Multiple HD streams
  • Unlimited home wifi

Includes free-to-use premium 5G outdoor router

  • Huawei 5G CPE X
  • Plug and play with easy outdoor installation
  • Optimized exclusively for the rain network
  • Free delivery
  • Now available in Cape Town and Gauteng

Unlimited 4G For Phones

  • R299 month-to-month
  • Unlimited data
  • Basic quality streaming resolution
  • For use on 4G phones only
  • No hot-spotting
  • Data calls only

Where To Get A Rain SIM Card?

For a start, Click Pargo Stores have provided the most convenient way of getting a Rain SIM card. Clicks have partnered with Pargo to bring you the most convenient way of picking up sim cards at over 100 pick-up points nationwide. Pargo is a leading click-and-collect and returns solution for online businesses in South Africa. That being said, it’s easier to get your SIM card from anywhere in the country.

Other ways of getting your Rain SIM Card would be to purchase it on,, or You can also walk into your neighborhood shops and get it if they happen to be selling it in their stores.


Getting your Rain SIM card and activating it is a straightforward process and does not require you to break out in a sweat. Just follow the steps, select the best package offer and register your SIM. Now that you’ve done all the necessary processes, you can now start browsing and surfing the net while relaxingly sitting under the sun.